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Way to Eliminate Condensation

Does condensation build up on the within your home’s windows during the Winter? If it does, you’re not alone.

As houses are sealed better versus air leak, natural ventilation to the outdoors is decreased. As a result, indoor air ends up being much more most likely to consist of damaging levels of wetness during winter season.

If your windows sweat enough throughout the Winter and you need to constantly wipe them down with a towel, then you have an issue. This problem will also destroy your window frames as mould will grow on the windowsills. It will also increase the risk of decay within wall cavities and attics, too. Window condensation can also signify low indoor-air quality which impacts your health.

Where the water comes from

When warm, moist indoor air satisfies the cooler surfaces of windows throughout winter season, condensation establishes on the glass. It’s the same thing that happens on the outside of a drinking glass filled with a cold drink on a hot summer season day.

Gaps in your house’s insulation and there are bound to be some in every house) can enable warm moist air to seep into internal wall cavities, condensing there as it did on your windows, and creating an ideal breeding place for concealed moulds, fungus and other nasties.

Breathing, cooking, bathing and drying clothing all launch huge amounts of wetness into the air. In the great old days, this moisture would make its method outside through all the cracks that were when typical around windows and doors. That’s why old, dripping houses are typically so dry throughout winter without any window condensation at all.

While today’s houses mean lower energy bills, they likewise require that we knowingly offer some sort of fresh air to vent off all that water vapour. Increasing house ventilation is the key to solving the window condensation problem.

Open windows a little

This technique is about as easy as they come. Yes, opening windows will cost you a bit more in heating, however it still may be the cheapest way to resolve your moisture issue.

Bathrooms Fans Should Always be Used

Bathrooms Fans in particular, should be used during every shower or bath and for at least 15 minutes afterwards.

Setting up an bathroom fan in high-moisture locations of your house can help if you continue having minor condensation issues even with your windows opened.

Clothes dryers that vent inside gush huge amounts of wetness into your home. Correct outdoor ventilation of your dryer might resolve the whole problem.

Go with better-insulated windows.

Changing your windows with ones that have better sealing, but the exact same insulation worth as the initial ones, can really increase window condensation since the new windows reduce air leakage and natural ventilation. Single Glazed windows let out a huge amount of heat, and if they are old windows, will leak and produce water on your windowsills – this is the time to replace them with a new Double Glazed unit – saving you so much money on your heating bills in the long run – and no more condensation on your windowsills!

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